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Samled S240 Samsung LM281B

Samled S240 Samsung LM281B

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Take control and achieve an unprecedented and highly controlled cultivation with the New Samled S240 2023.
Experience indoor or outdoor cultivation like never before with this equipment, unmatched by any other brand.
Its two plates, composed of 576 Samsung+Epistar chips, distribute energy evenly and allow you to make the most of the vertical space in your cultivation area.
If installation worries you, worry no more. The Samled S240 comes with a simple system that allows you to start using it the same day you bring it home.
Moreover, it features an adjustable pulley hanging kit, enabling you to adjust the lamp to different heights, making it adaptable to your plants' various sizes.
This means you won't have to change equipment during different growth stages, as the Samled S240 is more than sufficient for your cultivation needs.
Enjoy a full spectrum that delivers the most crucial photons for indoor cultivation.
The PPFD distribution or footprint in a 2x4 ft space is perfect for its hardware.
By acquiring this equipment, you will receive:
- 2 plates, each with 252 Samsung LM281B 3500K and 5000K chips, plus 36 state-of-the-art Epistar 660nm, IR, and UV chips.
- 1 Dimmable dimmer 10%~100%
- 1 250W aluminum heat sink.
- 1 240W driver.
Adjustable hanging kit with pulley.
What are you waiting for to acquire the Samled S240? Click to complete your purchase.
For proper operation, consider the following tips:
The recommended height should be between 50cm to 70cm from the top of the plants. During germination, start with the minimum power, then after the first week, increase to 20% and gradually raise the power until reaching 100% by the end of the vegetative stage.
During flowering, start with the full power of the equipment, maintaining a distance of 50cm from the top of the plants. In the advanced flowering stage, you can bring the equipment closer to 40cm from the top of the plants.
Unleash the full potential of your indoor cultivation with the Samled S240. Its advanced technology, easy installation, and adaptability to different plant sizes make it the perfect choice for achieving exceptional growth and harvests. Experience the power of a full spectrum and efficient distribution of light. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your cultivation to the next level. Click now to finalize your purchase and start cultivating like a pro with the Samled S240.


· High efficiency white light led board grow light
· White Lights Full Spectrum for better results
· Reliable passive cooled design
· Better canopy light penetration with diffused light
· Perfect performance for veg and bloom
· Dimmable Power Supply included
· 1 Year Warranty
Dimmable 240W
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2 Options are available:

Option 1: LM281B Full Spectrum(XLG Driver);
Option 2: LM281B Full Spectrum(JUSON Driver);
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Chadd O'Kon

Everything is fine, works, quality.

Magali Kuhic

Arrived before the delivery time, packed well, the seller contacted himself, everything is fine, thank you

Maud Bartoletti

It's all good. Super lamp. The Courier is terrible to another area

Alfonzo Emard

Quality Level