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Sambar X240 Samsung LM301H

Sambar X240 Samsung LM301H

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Get higher production at the lowest energy cost with the SAMBAR X240.
If you cultivate plants indoors, your biggest desires should be to see your plants grow healthy while minimizing energy consumption.
The SAMBAR X240 bars are here to make your dreams come true, as they are specially designed to enhance indoor crops and improve plant growth without increasing energy consumption.
This equipment uses 4 plates, each with 128 state-of-the-art SAMSUNG LM281B chips that are highly resistant to moisture, guaranteeing you a lighting system with a high degree of efficiency for many years to come.
The X240 bars also incorporate an addition of 6 Photo Red 660nm chips, 2 Far Red 730nm chips from Epistar for the Emerson effect, and 2 UV-A 385nm chips to enhance both quality and quantity. This equipment uses an Inventronics EUM-240S670DG driver with an included dimmer. Brand warranty.
The special feature of the Sambar X240 is the addition of specific photons to enhance the Emerson effect, which increases photosynthetic activity and production. The UV photons, on the other hand, strengthen the plants, improving their health, vigor, and fruit quality.
The Sambar X240 uses an elongated bar design of 56 cm with fins, allowing for excellent heat dissipation, generating a temperature not exceeding 30°C in its surroundings, which enables an incredibly high PPE efficiency of 2.5 µmol/J, surpassing the 2.1 µmol/J achieved by COBs.
Furthermore, in terms of photon distribution and flux density, this high-end machine surpasses a 400W digital Sodium light from Lumaxpro, as shown in the following image, using a PPFD meter from Apogee at a distance of 50cm from the luminaire.
So, if you have a space of 80x80cm, don't hesitate any longer and install your SAMBAR X240 as soon as possible. Just click on Buy Now.
SAMBAR X240 includes:
4 Bars, each with 118 Samsung LM281B 3500K chips + 6 chips 660nm + 2 730nm + 2 UV 385nm.
4 65W heat sinks, 56 cm long.
1 EUM-240S670DG driver
1 Dimmable dimmer from 10% to 100%
Adjustable hanging kit with pulley
IP65 connectors
For proper operation, consider the following tips:
The recommended height should be between 50cm to 70cm from the top of the plants. During germination, start with the minimum power, then after the first week, increase to 20% and gradually raise the power until reaching 100% by the end of the vegetative stage.
During flowering, start with the full power of the equipment, maintaining a distance of 50cm from the top of the plants. In the advanced flowering stage, you can bring the equipment closer to 40cm from the top of the plants.

LEDs Quantity
◆Samsung LM281B/LM301H: 168pcs / bar
◆Epistar 660nm: 24pcs / bar
◆Epistar IR 730nm: 3pcs / bar
◆Epistar UV 395nm: 3pcs / bar
◆Total: (168+24+3+3) * 4 bar =792pcs
Support Dimmer
◆Inventronics 240W Dimmable Driver
Seed Starting, BLOOM, VEG
Working Lifetime(Hour)
Lamp Body Material
Brand Name
Alba Delux
Luminous Efficacy(μmol/J)
240W LM301H : 2.666 µmol/J @ 220V AC
240W LM281B : 2.394µmol/J @ 220V AC
Light Dimension
For tent
Light Dimension of X55-240W
Each set include:
1 x 4pcs Bars 1 x Inventronics dimmable driver (1-10V dimming)
1 x adjustable hanging kits
1x Digital Dimmer
1 x power cord (US,EU,AU,UK,JP power cord for option.we will send the power cord stander according to buyer destination country )
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